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What is a PFP-NFT?

A PFP-NFT (Profile Picture Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset on the blockchain representing a profile picture or avatar. Gaining popularity as both a status symbol and collectible art, these NFTs often come with community benefits, exclusive content, and other utilities. 


How Many Space Cats Exist?

Space Cats Odyssey Legacy collection features a limited series of 1,111 unique Space Cats per planet, with a total of 7 planets in the galaxy. That's a total of 7,777 one-of-a-kind Space Cats to discover and collect! Each planet release offers an entirely new set of art, making each series a unique and distinct collection and will be released seperately. Additionally, we will have mini collection drops of various objects and artifacts discovered throughout the galaxy, adding even more excitement to the collecting experience.


How much does a Space Cat cost?

Every Space Cat is created equal! From us, the floor price of a Space Cat costs 0.03 ETH + Gas fees. After our mint has completed you can find them in our marketplace or in secondary markets (like OpenSea or Rarible) the price may vary. 


What is the Space Cat Station?

Space Cats Station is a safe-zone set up by the Galactic Federation of Meow-T. A social marketplace city located on a spacestation in the middle of the Meow-T Star System. This is where you can find the Mint Machine to mint NFTs or visit the Marketplace and connect your wallet to see your current NTS or purchase others. Visitos can also explore the stations' various NIP bars (in development), arcades (in development),, and relaxation rooms (in development),. 


What is NIP?

NIP is the lifeblood of the Meow-T Star System, serving as food, fuel, currency, and even entertainment for all species. Without NIP, Space Cats cannot survive. It's a finite resource that's highly sought after, with some Space Cats hoarding it to exert their power and dominance, while others value peaceful coexistence and freedom. Additionally, NIP is the in-game currency, which will soon be converted to the NIP token (currently under development) that can be used in the NIP Bar, marketplace and beyond.


How do I buy a Space Cat?

To acquire your own Space Cat NFT, participate in our Series 1 drop by using the Space Cats Station Mint Machine. You can mint your NFT at or below the floor price using either ETH or a Credit Card through our designated payment processors. After the minting phase concludes, Space Cat NFTs will be available for trade on our Space Cats Station marketplace, as well as on external platforms like OpenSea and Rarible.


What is your smart contract address?

ETH Network: 0x418e37bA9a862BC2b605Af6bD1d84cf9Cb3695d7


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